William Robert

Residing in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, William Robert has found his home in the Bay Area, reaching for every opportunity this beautiful city has to offer. This past year has been an exciting journey, as he plans to release his album titled “Bathed ‘N Gold”, on Feb. 16, available on Spotify. William’s energy is magnetic, and he talks about his musical career with a graciousness in his voice, one that tells a story of the thorough work and care he puts into his craft. But this singer/songwriter and talented musician is no stranger to the limelight.


William has had plenty of years’ experience already with high-stakes demands. Born in Virginia, he grew up in Austin, Texas, excelling in sports and eventually started to make a name for himself in football. After playing in college, he was then recruited to the Detroit Lions as a runningback. He is forever grateful for many intense years of training, as it’s helped him develop a perspective for hard work. He’s used his experience of mental strength through physical training to push himself creatively in his artistic career. “All the time that I spent playing sports and pushing myself to a whole ‘nother level has made me really focused, and extremely determined. Looking back, all my previous coaches have taught me things that have made me stronger.”


These days, William has honorably retired his football uniform and focuses on his career in music, entertainment and consulting. He uses music to uplift anyone who may need it, visiting low income communities and isolated folks who simply need to connect and be heard. William’s open heart continues to shine through his work, and uses the means he has to inspire those along the way. Using his skills as the medium, his compassion is what drives the vehicle.

William arranges and writes the songs for his album, and also writes for other artists. Soon after “Bathed ‘N Gold” hits the market, plans of a mini tour in the Spring are in the works. The styles of William’s songs are appreciated on a spectrum of R&B and a clean sound of old school soul. “My sound is as soulful as Otis Redding, but with an infusion of pop,” he explains. His smooth vocals bring a warm sound, and truly relay the emotion William wants to convey in each piece of his. His favorite topic to write about? “Love, by far. I can’t help it! I can take any song and make it into a love song. It’s a gift and a curse at the same time,” he laughs. In the end, William wants music to reach people in their lowest times to help them find peace.

​What is the importance of keeping alive the live music experience scene?

“You can get as close as you possibly can to the artist. Even when you go to a show where you don’t even know the artist beforehand…when you’re there with them, you feel their spirit and their soul, and that artist pours their soul into their music, you may just fall in love with an artist that you never would have discovered before. If you see me live, you’ll get a piece of me that you’ll never get on the album. I want to create an experience that people won’t forget.”

​What can we expect from you in the future?

“I really want to play at some iconic stadiums. But my whole goal in this is to collaborate with some people that change the world, and can directly help those in need.”

How do you want to impact the world through your music?

“I want my music to touch people who don’t have the opportunities that we have. I want to be able to really help people around the world. Eventually take all that I have and give it away.”

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