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Now more than ever, we live in a world that values time and fast information. So it's no secret that the rawness of radio and podcasts are making a comeback. From the humble beginnings of Northern California, Darragh Ryan knew this early on, and took his vision for radio into his own hands. After working for various studios and audio technicians, his confidence soared, and soon had plans to be independent. Ryan decided to put all chips in and started a one-man independent radio talk show, now called Third Eye Radio Network, which features local Bay Area musicians and influencers. Along with Third Eye Radio,Ryan also works as a DJ for events and parties. 







Executing a one-man radio network has its challenges, Ryan explains, but he is no stranger to hard work and overcoming obstacles. Before his own show took off, he credits many of his local connections for giving him opportunities to learn. Many years ago, Ryan started a collective in Sacramento called, "Valley of the Blind", which is a social group where blind and vision-impaired individuals could connect. As a blind individual, he wanted to create a space for opportunity and trust. The natural leader he is, Ryan's spirit helped this social group thrive. Not long after, one of those individuals ran an online radio station, and invited Ryan to host it. From there, his love for radio and creating content became stronger. He started learning the ins and outs of audio production, got more gigs at studios and learned all about HTML and coding.


As an audio-didactic, Ryan has a unique perspective on the learning process, and is proud to have the patience to teach himself whatever new technology that comes along. His inspiration comes from the connections made in his community, and no doubt has influenced young people who are aspiring entrepreneurs such as himself. 

What are your goals for the future?

"I want to have a physical location that has an after-school program, where kids can learn how to broadcast and do audio production. I also want to continue to do independent radio, with both musicians and talk about community issues."


How do you find the artists to feature on your show?

"Lately, I have had many artists reach out to me. After a certain point, I am being known more, so more artists are approaching me. I've gone to countless shows promoting the show, and have met a lot of people that way. Which is awesome, because people tend to remember you at shows when you're a blind guy wearing a kilt! I just like to wear kilts."


What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?

"For someone in the blind community, if you are in a bubble, like I call "The Blind Bubble" for myself, get out of it. Don't let any type of disability hold you back from doing anything. This goes for anything for anyone that is holding themselves back. At the end of the day, you are the one that has those emotions and physicality to deal with, and it's up to you to either get over it, or stay in that bubble."

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