The Wild Kindness

The Bay Area Creative Collective proudly features a local rock band who have made quite a name for themselves in The Bay Area over the years. From the North Bay of California, this band of four call themselves "The Wild Kindness". With a title like this, it's both intriguing and hard to forget. Each band member has navigated through years of various bands and projects, and have landed steadily in their current formation as The Wild Kindness.

All four members are pros when it comes to delivering at gigs, and have years of collaboration under their belt from previous projects. Although from different walks of life, timing has seemed to have its hand in their current formation, which has been going strong for more than 4 years. Sharing the same love for rock and performing live, Ross, Ben, Jim and Mike connected through mutual friends and some reconnected after already playing music together in the past. "We gelled pretty quickly but were in absolutely no hurry to get out there. We spent over a year working out songs, discarding some along the way and honing in on our sound. It was definitely a departure from how the original lineup sounded," guitarist & vocalist Mike tells us. "It’s rock ‘n’ roll that doesn’t really subscribe to a scene or era. It’s guitar pop that can be shiny or slightly scuffed-up."








As they continue in their endevours, writing original songs is what drives this band to continue to better themselves. Settling into a solid studio in Oakland, they have the opportunity to capture their creativity on a record, and that within itself is the most rewarding, they share.Their debut full length album is titled "Happy Now", and available on all major music sources. We sat down to hear more about their journey as The Wild Kindness.


What can audiences expect when they see you play live?


"Hopefully audiences will feel pretty good. Audiences will see four people confidently and competently playing what I described above, with feeling."



What inspires you to write music and perfect your craft?


"Being able to see the whole life cycle of a song through is pretty incredible. I get to hole up in a room, play guitar and write some words, and once I come up with something that sounds interesting to me, I get to take it to the rest of the band to bring a song to life. We eventually get to record and release it and that’s rewarding in itself, but just the act of creating something that didn’t exist before is pretty magical."


What is the importance of live music in the Bay Area and why should we continue to invest in it?


"With the rising cost of living in the Bay Area, it’s important to nurture and support live music. I don’t envy bands trying to really make a go of it here, because it’s typically going to be a struggle. We should all be going out to support local music, not just, like, Pitchfork-approved bands coming through town and playing at Great American Music Hall. Seek out local music; the scene is diverse enough that there’s something for everyone."


Any advice for young artists and musicians?


"As someone with limited success eking out an existence as an artist and musician, my only real advice is that truly enjoying the act of creating and playing music should be enough regardless of where it may take you. Ambition beyond that is great too, and if anyone has advice on how to get more bookers to reply to my emails, let me know!"

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