Meet The Laytcomers, one of the Bay Area's emerging bands to keep an eye on. With a sharp sound that sways between indie rock and modern grunge, these guys will catch your attention. As the Laytcomers continue down their creative path, they are constantly evolving as a band, and they are well aware of it. Formed in 2012, the band has carved their way through countless inspirations for creating a sound that speaks to them. 

Their freedom to experiment and delve into new realms is refreshing, and can take their art in exciting directions. "We always want to change direction," tells bandmate Ilya Shkipin as he explains their recent developments. The Laytcomers most recent LP is titled "Pop Grave (Basic Sharpie)", found on Spotify. The ways in which they want to inspire audiences aligns with the exploration they have as a band. "We just want our music to be out there surprising people, making them feel things," explains bassist Ilya Shkipin. In an culture where self identification and predictability is comfortable, the Laytcomers aren't afraid to expose the inevitable evolution of a band's sound. This mindset will no doubt only lead them to more creative opportunities to inspire others.


What is your most recent project?

"We made a somewhat acoustic album, made really dirty lo-fi indie rock album and recently we released an album. One song "Sharpie Head" was even played at the Oakland Coliseum before a baseball game, which is kind of insane to think about."

What can audiences expect to see and feel when they see you play live?


"Our live shows usually have more consistent raw sound. Sometimes limitations help, sometimes they are not, but not knowing is part of the fun. The live sets are pretty different from our recorded songs with a few exceptions.  We sometimes butcher the song so much its not even recognizable to someone who is familiar with it...which is charming in its own way."

What inspires you to play music and perfect your craft?

"Honestly, hearing and discovering other music. You always got to expose yourself to different styles and genres to not become stiff or too comfortable with a particular sound. Maybe it's time to listen to some black metal or something mainstream like Hannah Montana! You know, to spice things up. We actually "covered" Justin Bieber once but thankfully that recording is lost...not really."

What is the importance of playing live music and seeing live shows?

"Let it be known that you can't honestly say you've fully experienced a band or even a song unless you hear them live as well as recorded. After we started playing I felt like we became more honest, since live show is about giving a great performance in the moment that is happening. When we got our drummer John, he helped us get our first couple shows and introduced us to some bands that he had played with before (shoutout to The Family Flaw and Impuritan); both are great bands, especially to see live and I'd recommend you check out their music as well."

What is your advice for aspiring musicians?

"Don't wait for inspiration. Just get out there and paint or write or play some messed up chord.  Inspiration comes after, when you already feel the groove."

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