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From touring in the eastern United States to producing and playing shows in the Peninsula of the Bay Area, Sean Johnson never slows down. His weeks are packed with projects that have made him a "Jack of all trades" kind of musician. Growing up in the Bay Area, Johnson comes from a musical family, and grew up playing in metal bands, rock bands, jazz band, and freelancing his guitar and vocal skills to local musicians. Later he started teaching voice and guitar lessons. Johnson has an independent energy about him, and he finds it easy and worthy to take risks in his music career. Even at live shows, audience members retain memorable instances about Johnson's bits on stage. Anything to get the crowd going.


Today, Johnson runs Emerald Recording Studios, producing songs for artists. In addition, he is working for 3 bands, and doesn't plan to slow down with collaborations anytime soon. Johnson also gets to dabble in another realm of art, writing songs for video games with a company called Rockit Gaming, where he goes by the name Captn. Redbeard. Even more, he writes and stars in comedic sensations on the channel Riff Shop. Wherever Johnson sees opportunity, he acts quick and creates niches himself. One of his bands, Raiju, is a favorite project of his, Johnson tells us.  They recently opened at Warped Tour, which was a great opportunity for them. In early 2018, they will start touring the country and recording their next album with producer Jamie King. In all honesty, Johnson says, the result of the musical product doesn't compare to the sole magic of collaborating and connecting with individuals. After all, it's difficult to create great music with others without first truly appreciating the connections being made. 


What impact do you want to make in the music industry?

"I want to be able to sustain myself and create quality content, because that's the kind of work I love. It doesn't feel like work, so I work 10 times harder. It's also important to me to know who my client is. I want to make sure my clients are happy with what I give them. If I inspire people along the way, that's awesome, and that makes me happy."

What kind of people do you like to collaborate with?

"This is a business, so I like working with people who can put their egos aside and respect the serious work that we do as musicians. I'm very passionate about this, and I respect those who see the value in that."

Why should people continue to invest in the live music experience?

"That is when the rubber hits the road! That's when the musician is most naked, and they can't hide behind anything. It puts the relationship that the audience has with their favorite artist in perspective. An artist can hide behind a recording, but a live experience will change that. There will be times when I see a band live and they are amazing and I'm blown away- the next day I am following them on social media and buying their albums."

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