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It's no secret that the San Francisco Bay Area continues to be a hub for the lesser known genres you may be craving. For those who are seeking a heavier sound that blends the transcendental feeling of orchestral elements with the strength of that double kick drum, symphonic metal is still alive in the Bay. We introduce Midnight Sinfini as this month's featured band, a symphonic metal band located in the Bay Area. Consisting of four members- Zara on vocals, Janne on bass, AR as lead guitar and Will on drums- this band has their schedule packed with video shoots, rehearsals and live shows, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. 


They have already recorded and released an EP this past Spring, and continue to grow their fan base around the Bay. Midnight Sinfini formed just about 3 years ago, and continue to perfect their sound based on each members' strengths. From the beginning, all band members were clear in what they wanted as goals and sound quality, Zara explained. Their unity on the trajectory of their careers have given them a solid foundation to write songs they are proud of, and release their EP, Shadow borne, in just a few years time.


Their commitment to the band translates as far as Will, drummer, flying from his home in Arizona to play ever live show with the band. "He commutes from Phoenix!" Zara laughs. "We're really drive as a band." All of their songs written by Janne, with lyrics and vocal melodies by Zara, yet all members spend time perfecting the deliverance and dynamic aspect of each piece. With a sincere effort to stay true to their teamwork, all members contribute to their artistic vision. They create their own album art, merchandise, and wardrobe for their music videos. "We want to develop our sound and live visuals, with Zara’s art and video work. AR is our shooting and editing powerhouse and I have some ideas for future music videos too," Janne explains. With their faith in each other for artistic visions, they're excited for what the future holds as a band. "We rely on each other, and are all very set on the same goals. Personally, we are very close. Aside from the band, we are really good friends. We're really tight," Zara tells us.


Overall, this band is all about connecting with their community through music. "The best and most important part is to connect with your audience, have fun together, and give them a good show that they can remember," Janne emphasizes. We sat down and talked more about Midnight Sinfini's plans for the future, and what their sound is all about. 


How would you describe your sound?

"I’d like to describe our sound as a mix of William's train-like precision electric drumming, AR’s heavy guitar work and killer tones, Zara’s soft but powerful vocals & melodies and some symphonic elements along synths, industrial and even techno-ish instruments and sounds. We have pop elements but also aggressive metal elements. We want to get the audience to move, mosh and dance!" 


What do you want to bring the live music experience?

"First and foremost, we want to give our audience the best show possible, with quality sound. We've invested in our own PA system and our own audio engineer, to make the show sound as good as possible. But also, visually, our local shows have a lot more stage props. We want to always have a show that's exhilarating to listen to, but also visually stunning"


"We want to give the audience a great entertaining show, also want to focus on the sound quality. We have electronic drums so the drums' sound would always be really good so you can head bang or dance to. You would actually hear AR’s guitar riffing instead of a muddy wall of unrecognizable noise. You would feel the low end bass in your guts, and clear synths, orchestrations and especially clear vocals."


Any advice to aspiring artists?

"For the younger generation- develop your own sound and trust your instincts and believe in yourself. There’s no point of copying something that already exists, so create something that is from your heart and soul and don’t ever give up. Forming bands is always hard and sometimes you have to search for a long time for the right like-minded people to create music and art with, but never give up."


Shadow Borne, recent EP available on iTunes

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