Jeremy Delaune

Jeremy Delaune has energy like no other. With a natural vigor for creativity, his art has been the rewarding outlet in his life that lets him truly be himself. From the Bay Area Peninsula town of Redwood City, Delaune continues to share his talents within the community that raised him. His genuine care for others is easy to feel when conversing with Delaune, and he hopes that music can be the medium for others who need some healing."My dream as a musician is to one day influence someone in the way I’ve been influenced. Music can save you from some dark times. I know it sure has for me. That’s the best, and all I could ever ask for," Delaune explains.

For Jeremy, that outlet is music that pulls at your heart and commands any listener to address unknown emotions. You guessed it- metal music. Delaune's natural high energy is a perfect fit for this powerful genre. His live shows have "very high bursts of energy and raw emotions – metal artists change a lot when on stage, almost like coming alive in the lights." He finds influence from the likes of Darkthrone and Sonata Arctica, to the songwriting legend Steven Morrissey of The Smiths.


Delaune is an accomplished vocalist, bassist and pianist, showcasing his skills in solo projects and in two local bands. His love for live music will never wane, he tells me. "It’s very hard to describe...when you lay down the first few notes, the crowd goes crazy, the mosh pits open up and the entire room is one energy. I wish I had the words for it."

                A Human Costume performing at The X Bar in Cupertino, CA


The obstacles that he has experienced in his life have always revealed themselves through his musical endeavors. And he does not beat around the bush about it. He is always studying to make himself better as an artist and businessman."Honestly one of the biggest reasons I press on and continue to get better with each piece written is to prove wrong all of the people that doubted or berated me as a musician growing up. Besides that, it keeps me level and in my opinion is the greatest outlet in life," tells Delaune. 

What is the importance of playing live music for the community?

"Live music can keep a community alive. Apart from keeping friends together as we get older, it’s a chance to have local shows every few weeks and let loose. It gives new and upcoming bands a chance to show what they’ve got and play for everyone. It’s an absolute necessity."

What are your current projects? 

"Currently, I perform and write mainly in the bands A Human Costume and Lament of Autumn. I have solo works and albums that vary from piano compositions to black and power metal albums. I’ve written solo as well as with guest musicians."


Do you also collaborate with other Bay Area artists?

"Constantly! I try to do as many guest spots and features as I can. I’ve done a bit of ghost writing for bands too."

Any advice for aspiring artists?

"The best pieces of advice I can give to any upcoming artist or band is to go to local shows. Meet people and talk to other musicians, you never know who you’re going to run into. Next thing would be to invest in your instruments and gear. Practice, practice, practice is a key tool – no one wants to see a new musician show up and mess up or stop playing mid song because you can’t remember your own music. The most important and last one I can give is to never give up, even if you have to start over again. A greater and brighter foundation is sometimes all it takes to find new wind and be better than you were before."

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