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From within the eclectic city of Oakland, California, Only Child Clothing is creating a buzz in the Bay Area. Founder, Haley Tucker, proudly represents her clothing brand as part of a paradigm shift in the fashion industry, a term coined "slow fashion."

As founder and designer of the successful clothing line, Tucker has created a brand that reflects her vision of the future of fashion in this closely connected world. Each piece is created and constructed by Tucker, highlighting a powerful message to the industry about sustainability, comfort and quality."Being able to know the story behind where and how your clothes are made, is a worthwhile investment. That connection is very important and very powerful. When you are wearing something that is well-made, it boosts your mood, and it can change the way you carry yourself. It’s more about seeing yourself as a worthwhile investment," Tucker explains.

Using her creativity and love of art, she showcases women's fashion in versatile, comfortable and overall beautiful pieces. Tucker practices what she preaches, and her thriving business is proof of the positive message that has reached so many of her faithful customers. We sat down with Tucker for more insight about her work.

What is slow fashion and why should people know about this movement?

"Slow fashion means that the production doesn’t involve exploiting other people. Many popular clothing brands are trying to keep their overhead as low as possible. Fast fashion clothing is made from cheap fabric, like synthetics, that take hundreds of years to break down and they release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere as they do so. With slow fashion, you can buy fewer and better quality products. Slow fashion is a change in your mindset. You will be saving money if you buy something that is higher quality even if it’s more cost upfront.”

 What message do you want to portray within your clothing line?


“In general, I want to make women feel good. I feel like there’s a big of a gap in the industry. There needs to be a middle ground, where there are versatile pieces that you can keep reaching for and change with accessories very easily. It’s either boring basics, or very expensive luxury pieces. I didn’t feel like I was represented with any of the clothing lines out there.”

What can customers expect from Only Child clothing line?

“Customer service is so extremely important. I try to gather as much input as possible from my customers. Their input is so incredibly important. This past season, I asked a ton of customers what they wanted for the upcoming season? That is what differentiates slow fashion from fast fashion. You can literally email the person that made your clothes for you. That is what I offer. I try to be as open and honest with customers as possible. Everyone should look for that when shopping from a small brand.”

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