Gone  Zero

This California bred band is all about having fun, with a sound that can be described as metal meets hard rock. Their playful energy together is contagious, and no doubt their audiences leave their live shows feeling that positive buzz."Our particular flavor of hard rock draws influence from grunge, metal, funk, and prog," they tell us. Each with years under their belt playing in various bands, every member appreciates each other's strengths.


Building and sustaining strong bonds between band members can be an underrated concept to an outsider, but that importance is not lost among these fellas. That joyful energy and humor is inevitably prevalent within their influence as a band, leaving their listeners with a taste of the joy they get from creating rocking music. The writing process of their songs is a collective undertaking, with each member giving a flare of their inspiration.


As a solid band for 3 years, their future is looking bright. Currently they are working on a 5 song EP, and expect it to be a lot heavier than their previous EPs. It will be available for free on all popular online music outlets in early 2018."We make our music available online for free because the ultimate reward for us isn't making a few bucks, but rather knowing that someone out there experienced joy from something that we created," they tell us. Their focus is to build their presence even more in the Bay Area, then making their way on a tour of California. We got a chance to get more insight from Gone Zero's journey thus far.

What can audiences expect to see and feel when they see you play live?

"We offer immersive, therapeutic Zero Worship workshops only at an exclusive, curated list of Bay Area venues. Our focused squad of well-rehearsed semi-professionals are prepared to impart our artisan, experimental “ROCK-AND-ROLL” with techniques designed to make you beg to drink out of a fire hose. It is only by fully delivering yourself to the “ROCK” that you can approach the inner serenity offered by Going Zero. Our only goal is to help you reach this special, private space, in forty five minutes or less."

What is the importance of playing live music for people?

"Live is when we're at our absolute best. The exhilaration of performing and energizing a crowd is what motivates us to write our music and rehearse multiple times a week. There's nothing better than bringing our music directly to your ears in the rawest form possible."


What inspires you to write music and perfect your craft?

"In addition to the thrill of live performance, we are inspired by our own love for music and want to write songs that we actually enjoy listening to. If we don't enjoy listening to our own music, how could we expect others to?  We've all had times in our lives when a song or album that we love has helped us through a dark time or elevated a happy moment. If our music can achieve that for even one person out there, we're happy."


Any advice for young artists and musicians?

"Regular collaborative rehearsal is the key to making progress as a band, both in terms of songwriting and live performance. Get yourself a whiteboard, a cheap room recorder, and a fridge full of beer, then make the effort to practice at the studio a couple times a week. You'll have a great song written in no time."

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