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Davin Pena is a natural born storyteller. From behind the lense of his camera, he captures moments that otherwise pass us by, and are unable to be articulated with only words. As co-founder of Audiolenz Productions, he wears many hats- as Director, Camera Operator and Editor for commercial action sports and music video projects. Pena always has a schedule full of a diverse group of clients. From musicians to bikers, to featuring Mom & Pop shops, his passion for storytelling takes him anywhere. 


On the side, Pena is an avid artist, painting and drawing complex and abstract pieces. He uses his own inspirations of color, light and texture from his pieces in video shoots and production. The overwhelming majority of his knowledge is self-taught, with constant experimentation and practice. With that type of passion, Pena will without a doubt be an artist to watch flourish in the film industry.














To truly listen to and empathize with someone's story is not always the easy task that you may think it is. But Pena's warm and accepting demeanor allows others' lives to effortlessly expose themselves through his work. He has a keen sense of the honesty behind situations, and his work reflects the receptive and patient work ethic that he has practiced over the years. "I always brainstorm with clients about the visual possibilities, and never rushing, while having things planned so the project runs smoothly. I like to let clients get involved with the editing process as well if they want, so they can expect something new and creative," Pena explains. Taking time out of his bustling schedule, Pena sat down with the us to share more about why he loves expressing his art in the Bay Area.

How did your passion for art and film develop?

"My first passion was art, which developed shortly after I was messing around with my mom's film camera. I was drawn to photography and capturing my friends mountain-biking, skateboarding, and snowboarding. It felt natural to capture the sport of mountain-biking, as it has given me the opportunity to connect with so many riders, and professionals in Santa Cruz. Currently, I'm still working on a few action sports projects, but I also have a passion for different music cultures."

What is it like being an artist in the San Francisco Bay Area?

"Working here has given me many different creative opportunities. The Bay Area and surrounding cities are full of so many talented and creative people. Being able to have access to the coast and the mountains makes the area so unique. There are so many things to see within a 4 hour drive, so the visual possibilities are endless."

What can clients expect when they work with you?

"Peoples' stories are so personal and I enjoy creating videos that illustrate them in the best way possible. There are some incredible stories and to be able share them in a moving picture is very intriguing to me. I love working with passionate people that are equally excited about a video or photos. It really inspires me and I feel good when people see the final product."


Any advice for young artists?

"Never lose the passion for the need to create anything it is you want to create. Sometimes people will try and steer you in another direction...and the advice can sometimes be helpful...but when it comes to being an artist, there is only one person who can do what you do. That's you. That's what makes your work so unique and new. Get involved with people who are also passionate. And always have fun."


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