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Cedar Park

From the Peninsula county of the Bay Area, four young musicians have banded together to form Cedar Park. Named after a favorite spot in their hometown of San Carlos, the members of Cedar Park attain a youthful appeal, and feed off each other’s differing personalities. Made up of two brothers and two childhood friends, the four of them found they shared a passion for heavy music and meaningful live performances. Formed in late 2016, this band has already taken off into launching their image, putting in long hours and writing original songs together. They have recently released their full length album, "Fake Matter", available on Spotify and other popular streaming services. In the short time that they have accomplished a handful of their many goals, there is no doubt that this band will go far.


This band is all about giving the crowd an experience to remember. Their confidence is clear and exciting to hear as they open up about what’s on their bucket list as a band. “It started off as a fun project, and a small goal was something like getting a mosh pit going at a show. But over time the band has grown and escalated, and we can see it going to a lot of places,” says Cedar Park drummer, Josh.


As their journey continues, their passion for songwriting is in hopes of inspiring others in the way they’ve been inspired in the past. Bassist Ryan adds, “I think we all want to write songs that fans truly, truly connect with. Growing up, I have a handful of songs by bands that mean so much to me. We all want to do that for people as well.” We sat down for an interview with the guys, and talked more in depth about their future plans. Through the laughter and playful jabs at one another, it’s easy to see their collective objective of inspiring others through their music.

How do you describe your sound in one word?


“Epic” – Josh, drummer

“Crunchy” – Ryan, bassist

“Humble” – Mark, guitarist

“Chills” – Wesley, singer and guitarist


What is it like being an artist in the Bay Area?

“It’s really cool to be an artist in the Bay Area. Out here in the Bay, people are hustling and getting their music out here-it’s just a little more under the radar. We feel like there is so much more room to make our statement and our move. It’s also really fun that we grew up here, and share our music with all of our friends and family that come to our shows.” –Josh

“Our following has a very diverse age range.” –Ryan says. They have band members that are in their late 20’s and one that is in college. This brings fans of different ages and interests. “It’s really cool to be part of both of those scenes.”


Where do you want your music to take you?

“One of my goals is for someone to pay to buy a ticket that says ‘Cedar Park’ on it- someone we don’t know.” –Ryan

“Right now, we’re checking off bucket list goals. We’d love to play a tour, to play with a big-name artist, and come out with a full album. It’s endless, so we’re excited to see where it goes.” –Josh


What is the importance of playing live music?

“The energy. When you see a live show, you feel the band’s energy, and you can always feed off of it, and grow to love it.” –Josh

“It’s important when you write songs that people can connect with. When fans can hear your song beforehand, then hear it live, jump around, and connect-that’s the goal.” –Ryan


What can people expect from Cedar Park at a live show?

“Loud music with a lot of soul.” –Wesley


“Our goal is always high energy. We don’t want the vibe of an acoustic set, but also not totally a hard core set. You’ll get a perfect in between. You can find a mosh pit, or chanting, and even people holding a lighter up in the crowd. We have songs that are heavy and also songs that are mellow. You gotta be prepared for anything!” -Ryan


What is your advice to aspiring musicians?

“Keep getting together with other musicians and play in front of other people. Grow from there. If you just play by yourself in your room, you’re never going to grow.” –Mark

“I can’t emphasize how unique of an experience it is to play a live show. I think everyone should do it at least once in their life. Whatever level you are at, you should never be afraid to pick up an instrument and play with someone. Playing in a band is very important and can really take you places. And always make music for yourself” -Wesley


How do you want music to influence others in the way it has influenced you?

“Music takes you out of your reality and brings you somewhere else for that 2 or 3 minutes, and you escape everything else.” –Mark

“We definitely want to evoke an emotion out of our fans, whether it’s happy, sad, or anger. Whatever type of vibe you want to feel, you can listen to your favorite music and find it.” –Josh

 “I think it’s one of the few universal languages in the world, where everyone can understand no matter what type of background you come from. It’s a great way to bring people together.” –Wesley

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