The DJ scene was where Pano, A.K.A. Chubbs, got his first taste of the direction he wanted to succeed in. Born and raised in San Mateo, California, Chubbs has also found his musical fix elsewhere. While living in Arizona, he spent 2 years working as a DJ at various parties and events. From there he was hooked. Upon returning to the Bay, he began studying, teaching himself how to create electronic music compositions and found inspiration from other local producers. Chubbs credits his recent inspiration to a transformative trip to Los Angeles, where he furthered his exposure into the music industry. He has set goals for himself that will no doubt reach heights in the Bay Area.


Today, Chubbs continues his craft, and constantly challenges himself. His inspiration comes from the joy that he brings to people through his music. He produces music that falls under the genre Deep House, using influences from EDM and hip hop as well. Along with creating his original pieces, Chubbs continues to DJ around the Bay. He is part of a collective of DJs, called "Resollective", connects people to discover where their favorite DJs are playing next in the Bay Area. Chubbs thrives on his vision of creating music that will inspire others, and seeing what crowds respond to is a perfect catalyst for the creation process.


While working on his musical craft, Chubbs is also dipping his feet into other skill sets. He is currently studying Business and Marketing at San Francisco State University. Becoming savvy in the world of business is one step further in accomplishing his goal of becoming relevant in the industry, Chubbs explains. Making himself an asset to other collaborators will keep himself one step further in becoming an exceptional musician. 

What is the importance of keeping alive the live music experience scene?

"I absolutely love going out to concerts. From what I see, the EDM scene is not dying. It's alive and well, and it's growing exponentially. I see EDM as always evolving as far as how the shows are produced and experienced.”

What can we expect from you in the future?

"I have 2 main goals- to become an exceptional musician and collaborate with high level talent, and to also build an artist marketing platform with my passion for business. I love creating a molding business to fit the niche that I see fit."

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