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At a time in society where art is closely connected by the bountiful options and tastes through the internet, the access to inspiration is unlimited. Caleb Puro is soaking up its advantages by constantly connecting with as many artists and musical styles as possible. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Puro is excited to now reside in San Francisco. As a freelance drummer, Caleb has joined forces with various bands, ranging from folk to metal, to hip hop and R&B bands. Although at a young age, Caleb is wise beyond his years, with a fresh and humbling perspective of the journey he is on. 


Puro freelances his drumming and producing skills, and has made a name for himself in the Bay Area, recently playing a Soap Bar Sounds in Oakland with R&B artist Christina Kuria. Puro continues to expand his skills among as many genres as he can, but most of all loves to create music that gets people moving and enjoying life. “I love to collaborate on any projects that involve a deep foundation of groove, in modern production, R&B, Jazz, and soul. Anything that is soulful, I love to be a part of,” tells Puro. Nothing is stopping him from learning as much about the craft of music as he can. Every weekend, you will find him at a live show, either behind the kit playing, or watching other bands. With this dedication, there is no doubt that we will see this drummer rise to every goal he sets for himself- and they are big. We sat down with Puro to learn more about his experience as an artist in the Bay Area.


Where do you want your music career to take you?

“Everywhere- as far as humanly possible! I want to work with some well-known artists and producers.  I would want to write on records for established musicians, and keep touring with bands.”

Why should people continue to invest in live music performances?

“Half the magic is doing it live. That’s the biggest testament. As a respect to the craft. If you’re committed to the craft, you will be able to do it at 100% live. I go to see live music every weekend. I go there to study the craft.”

Any advice for aspiring artists?

“Make music that feels good and true to you. Play with as many people as possible, and with different genres. Listen- really listen to what other people are saying through their instruments. For any artist, keep grinding, keep putting out music. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, and embrace the suck. Just say yes to everything, and keep opening doors. Keep doing work that you truly want to do.” 

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