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Meet the visionary behind Archaeologist, Kyle Schaefer. One listen through of their newly released EP, Odysseys, and the dramatic eb and flow of the guitar riffs and rhythms will put you in a trance. It's clear to hear the hard work and meticulous detail that is constantly being put into their sound. Their record is an indicator of the bright future ahead of this trio. With a sound that merges between progressive rock and metal, the arrangement of each song gives a fresh feel to an otherwise heavy metal sound, letting your ear flow between enchanting piano licks and punches of a full band's grunge sound, as showcased in their captivating song "Noctivigant".  


Schaefer, the founder of the band, has been releasing music since 2013. His solo quest as an artist has helped grow his skill set of production and songwriting. Since then, with a clear vision and confidence, he's built a band, consisting of brothers Ryan and Sean Johnson. Together, they are Archaeologist. Their latest EP is one they are most proud of, and are excited to feature their good friends Ciro and Lorenzo from Montra on drums and bass, as well as guest appearances from  talented local guitarists Yvette Young (Covet) and Chris Lee (Kinetik). We sat down with Schaefer to talk about his hopes for the band's future.


What can audiences expect to see and feel when they see you play live?


"They can expect to see me struggling to perform my own songs while the rest of my band is killing it! I’m only halfway joking... I actually prefer being surrounded by musicians who are more skilled than myself, and so far it’s looking like that’s going to be the case.  It forces me to get better!  In terms of material, we’ll be playing a pretty even mix of songs from the 3 original EPs I’ve released so far."


What inspires you to write music and perfect your craft?


"I just feel lazy, guilty and unsatisfied when I don’t do it, to be honest.  There are plenty of other things I enjoy doing, and most of them are a lot less work, but music is the only one that makes me happy in the long run.  Other than that though, I always feel inspired whenever I get the chance to work with musician friends who are doing much bigger things than I am!"


What is the importance of playing live music for people?


"I think it’s important for a lot of reasons. It gives people a way to connect with you as a person apart from your music, which I think tends to be more meaningful for the average listener. It also helps you to keep sharing your same old music with new audiences, which is tough to do with online promotion on its own.  For me, it also gives you more credibility as a musician and is sometimes the difference between being perceived as a 'real' band or not."


What can we expect from you in the future?


"Right now the main goals are to start playing local shows in early 2018, and release a new single somewhere around that same time.  After that, I’ll move on to writing for the next EP, which will be Vol III."


Any advice for young artists and musicians?


"Be resourceful! It really doesn’t take much equipment, money or experience to start making progress as a musician. After you’ve got the fundamentals down you should start trying to learn songs from your favorite bands, write your own songs even if you don’t think they’re any good, and make some basic recordings of them to get a feel for how the process goes.  Work with what you have available to you, treat everything as a learning experience, and remember that it takes a long time to get good. As long as you keep learning and improving, you’ll get there eventually."

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